Wah Gwan® is and always will be a passion based, seasoning product line developed by Chef, Marcus Anthony.

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The Pro Suite


3 Essentials for cooking like a pro!

Give the gift of Wah Gwan®

With the Pro Suite you get our Wah Gwan® All Purpose Seasoning, our Dry Brine and G Salt. 

The Marcus Anthony Table Pro Suite will up level your cooking experience and make adding flavor a simple solution.

I tried this for the first time tonight on plain ol’ chicken (the most boring meat ever by itself :D), and not only did the spice make the house smell absolutely amazing while it was cooking, it tasted SO good! I actually enjoyed eating my chicken — maybe my diet will be doable now 😀 My husband had it on fried eggs the other night, and he thought it was great on them too. I have a new favorite spice mix in my cabinets!

Elizabeth HOT Wah Gwan®

Fantastic rub that I use on everything. I put it on a steak tonight and it was the perfect addition, really gave another dimension to the meat and left the perfect amount of sting in the back of my throat. Can’t get enough of it.

Chris HOT Wah Gwan®

About Wah Gwan® from Chef Marcus Anthony

For years I have been testing and trying blends of spices thinking there must be an all purpose seasoning that bridges cultural and situational cooking. I want a blend I could season my tacos and pasta with and sprinkle over eggs in the morning. 

It wasn’t until several years ago I was gifted the two key quality sourced ingredients, Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika and Dried Yellow Scotch Bonnet Pepper. Now my cooking has ALWAYS included Scotch Bonnets being that I’m Jamaican and love spice. Paprika as well has been a staple. What happened though when these spices were combined and blended with a handful of other spices was nothing short of incredible. 

What I quickly learned was that combining Paprika and Dried Scotch Bonnet wasn’t enough. I had run out of my gifted spices and was struggling to find that quality of spice here in the states. I scoured spice manufactures, tried hundreds of samples and I finally found my sources. 

My Wah Gwan® seasoning to this day only sources the most quality imported ingredients. The Paprika in fact still comes from Spain and the Scotch Bonnet is grown by hand by the only person I found who can grow and dry the pepper to be just right. This is what set’s us apart and I stand by this product tearing through tins of it in our own home. Enjoy!